In The Gazebo

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 11th June 2021

  1. A Tonic for the Troops, ‘Oxford Suite’
    From Ambush, NORWAY ODIN RECORDS ODINCD9575 CD (2021)
  2. Christine Ott, ‘Time To Die’
    From Time To Die, FRANCE GIZEH RECORDS GZH102 CD (2021)
  3. Ola Kvernberg, ‘Get Down’
    From Steamdome II: The Hypogean, NORWAY GRAPPA GRCD 4665 CD (2021)
  4. Ural Umbo, ‘Non-Form’
  5. Alan Licht, ‘Room For Storms (Radio Edit)’
    From A Symphony Strikes the Moment You Arrive, AUSTRALIA ROOM40 RM4134 CD (2021)
  6. Jean-Philippe Gross & Jérôme Noetinger, ‘Cadavre 03’
    From Nos Cadavres, FRANCE EICH 004 CD (2021)
  7. Alex Spence, ‘Waves’
    From A Necessary Softness, AUSTRALIA ROOM40 RM4133 CD (2021)
  8. Clara Engel, ‘Preserved In Ice (For Marc Chagall)’
    From Hatching Under the Stars, CANADA NO LABEL CDR (2021)
  9. Philip Sulidae, ‘Fifty Seven To Sixty Three Macquarie Street’
    From Vandemonian Verplaatsing, BELGIUM UNFATHOMLESS U66 CD (2021)
  10. Takuma Watanabe, ‘Last Afternoon’
    From Last Afternoon, UK CONSTRUCTIVE CN1 CD (2021)
  11. Microtub, ‘Sonic Drift’
    From Sonic Drift, NORWAY SOFA SOFA586 CD (2021)