Free Improvisation, 1970s

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 22nd October 2021

  1. Derek Bailey / Han Bennink, ‘In the Dead of Night I gotta go where you are’
    From Company 3, UK INCUS 25 (1977)
  2. Misha Mengelberg / Han Bennink, ‘Einepartietischtennis’
    From Einepartietischtennis, GERMANY FMP SAJ-03 LP (1974)
  3. Tony Oxley, ‘Chant-Quartet 2’
    From February Papers, UK INCUS 18 (1977)
  4. Instant Composers Pool, ‘Title song from the movie De Snelheid – 40-70’
    From Instant Composers Pool, NETHERLANDS ICP 007/008 2 x LP (1970)
  5. Alexander Von Schlippenbach Trio, ‘Sun-Luck Night-Rain’
    From Pakistani Pomade, GERMANY FMP 0110 LP (1973)
  6. Steve Lacy, Michel Waisvisz, Han Bennink, Maarten Van Regteren Altena, ‘Torments’
    From Lumps, NETHERLAND ICP 016 LP (1975)
  7. Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, & Han Bennink, ‘Fixed Elswhere’
    From The Topography Of The Lungs, UK INCUS 1 (1970)
  8. Derek Bailey with Kaoru Abe and Mototeru Takagi, ‘Improvisation, Pt. 23’
    From Duo & Trio Improvisation, JAPAN KITTY RECORDS MKF 1034 LP (1978)
  9. Derek Bailey, ‘Eight Public Pieces: Third’
    From Domestic & Public Pieces, US QUARK LP 9999 (1977)
  10. ICP Tentet, ‘Tetterettet XIV’
    From Tetterettet, NETHERLANDS ICP 020 (1977)

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