Lizards and Insects

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 4th March 2022

  1. Michel Redolfi, ‘Music for Fresh Water I – Overture’
    From Sonic Waters: Underwater Music 1979-1987, BELGIUM SUB ROSA SR493 CD (2021)
  2. Saman Shahi, ‘Microlocking II’
    From Microlocking, CANADA PEOPLE PLACES RECORDS PPR 030 CD (2021)
  3. Ingar Zach and Michele Rabbia, ‘Typology’
    From Musique Pour Deux Corps, NORWAY SOFA MUSIC SOFA589 CD (2021)
  4. Nothing Has Changed, ‘Trapped In A Corner’
    From Hissing Guilt, POLAND OLD TEMPLE OLD.174 / ZOHARUM ZOHAR 237-2 CD (2021)
  5. Kontinent, ‘Inner War’
    From Stasis, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 233-2 CD (2021)
  6. Escupemetralla, ‘Magdeburgisieren’
    From Tres Trillizos Trotskistas, SPAIN NOVAK NVK123 CD (2021)
  7. Cluster Lizard, ‘Strive for Impossible!’
    From Star Corsair, GERMANY PROSTIR +4 CD (2021)
  8. Insect Ark, ‘Oral Thrush’
    From Future Fossils, CONSOULING SOUNDS SOUL0172 CD (2021)
  9. Paulina Owczarek and Peter Orins, ‘In The House Next Door’
    From You Never Know, FRANCE CIRCUM-DISC microcidi 025 CD (2021)
  10. William St Hugh, ‘Storm’
    From The Cracking Ship, USA NO LABEL CDR (2021)
  11. Dullmea & Ricardo Pinto, ‘The Monk is Drunk’
    From Orduak, PORTUGAL NO LABEL CD (2021)
  12. Kate Moore, ‘Trio (Song Of Ropes)’
    From Revolver, NETHERLANDS UNSOUNDS 72U CD (2021)
  13. Fredrik Rasten, ‘Svevning I’ (excerpt)
    From Svevning, SWITZERLAND INSUB.RECORDS insub.rec.cd14 CD (2021)