Summer Seasoning

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 29th July 2022

  1. Colosseum, ‘Those About to Die’
    From Those Who Are About To Die Salute You, UK SANCTUARY SMQCD096 CD (2004)
    Original date 1969.
  2. The Underground, ‘Psychotic Reaction’
    From Psychedelic Visions, USA GEAR FAB GF-242 CD (2010)
    Original date 1967.
  3. The Johnny Almond Music Machine, ‘Ensingle’
    From Patent Pending, UK VOCALION CDSML 8417 CD (2005)
    Original date 1969.
  4. Katch 22, ‘Pumpkin Mini’
    From Major Catastrophe, UK RPM RETRODISC RETRO 893 CD (2011)
    Original date 1968.
  5. Ray Russell, ‘Cradle Hill’
    From Rites and Rituals, UK NORTHWIND RECORDINGS NW0038CD CD (2012)
    Original date 1971.
  6. Van der Graaf Generator, ‘The Wave’
    From The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome, VIRGIN RECORDS 00946 3 32974 2 5 / CHARISMA CASCDR 1131 (2005)
    Original date 1977.
  7. Bill Bruford, ‘The Abingdon Chasp’
    From One of a Kind, UK POLYDOR (1979)
  8. The Knack, ‘Freedom Now’
    From Time Waits For No One: The Complete Recordings, UK NOW SOUNDS CRNOW 38 CD (2012)
    Original date 1968.
  9. Jackson Heights, ‘Autumn Brigade’
    From The Fifth Avenue Bus, UK ESOTERIC RECORDINGS ECLEC2170 CD (2010)
    Original date 1972.
  10. G.F. Fitzgerald, ‘Under And Over The Waterfall’
    From Mouseproof, UK SUNBEAM RECORDS SBRCD5016 CD (2006)
    Original date 1970.
  11. Wigwam, ‘Kite’
    From Nuclear Wigwam, UK ESOTERIC RECORDINGS ECLEC 2174 CD (2010)
    Original date 1975.
  12. Mutzie, ‘Daily Cycle’
    From Light of Your Shadow, UK AXIS AXCD 1014 (2010)
    Original date 1970.
  13. Home, ‘The Sun’s Revenge’
    From The Alchemist, UK ESOTERIC RECORDINGS ECLEC 2191 CD (2010)
    Original date 1974.
  14. Groundhogs, ‘Oh Death’
    From Scratching the Surface, UK BGO RECORDS BGOCD15 CD (1990)
    Original date 1968.
  15. Davy Graham, ‘Maajan (A Taste of Tangier)’
    From Folk, Blues & Beyond…, UK FLEDG’LING RECORDS FLED 3050 CD (2005)
    Original date 1965.
  16. Spriguns, ‘Outlandish Knight’
    From Revel Weird and Wild, UK ESOTERIC RECORDINGS ECLEC 2364 CD (2013)
    Original date 1976.
  17. The Deirdre Wilson Tabac, ‘The Last Thing On His Mind’
    From The Deirdre Wilson Tabac, UK AURORA AUCD5014 CD (2011)
    Original date 1969.
  18. McDonald and Giles, ‘Birdman: The Inventor’s Dream (O.U.A.T.)’
    From McDonald and Giles, UK VIRGIN RECORDS CDV2963 (2002)
    Original date 1970.
  19. New York Gong, ‘Strong Woman’
    From About Time, FRANCE SPALAX MUSIC 14832 CD (1994)
    Original date 1979.
  20. Sperrmüll, ‘Rising up’
    From Sperrmüll, GERMANOFON 941032 CD (1995)
    Original date 1973.

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