The Spinning Top

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 16th September 2022

    1. Lorenzo Feliciati / Dominique Vantomme, ‘Clear Blue Sky’
    2. Joachim Badenhorst and Carate Urio Orchestra, ‘Mechanical pencils’
      From Cosmos, BELGIUM KLEIN 11 CD (2022)
    3. Montague Armstrong, ‘Dragonfly’
      From Organ Greats, UK KINGS RD 001 CDR (2022)
    4. Officer!, ‘The Song About Navigation’
      From Paragraphs And Principles, AUSTRIA KLANGGALERIE gg366 CD (2021)
    5. So Sner, ‘Worrying’
      From Reime, GERMANY TAL TAL25 CD (2022)
    6. Out Ink, ‘Christian Biscuits’
      From Less, UK INK INC-CD002 CDR (2021)
    7. Eclectic Maybe Band, ‘Further on the Ladder’
      From Again Alors?, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS130CD (2022)
    8. Ale Hop, ‘Latitud 0’
      From Why is it they say a city like any city?, GERMANY KARLRECORDS KR087 LP (2022)
    9. Kate Soper, ‘The Understanding Of All Things’
      From The Understanding Of All Things, USA NEW FOCUS RECORDINGS FCR322 CD (2022)
    10. Hannes Lingens, ‘Triptych part 3’
      From Music For Strings, GERMANY EDITION WANDELWEISER RECORDS EWR 2101 CD (2021)
      Played by Felicie Bazelaire and Ensemble CoO
    11. Milosz Pekala, ‘Radio for vibraphone and tape’
      From Monopercussion 2, POLAND BOLT RECORDS BR 1073 CD (2021)
    12. Park Jiha, ‘Nightfall Dancer’
      From The Gleam, GERMANY TAK:TIL / GLITTERBEAT GBCD119 CD (2021)
    13. Officer!, ‘Winter Potato #3’
      From Paragraphs And Principles, op.cit.

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