The Pestilence That Stalks In The Darkness

CD reissue of Veil The World (CSR205CD) by Trepaneringsritualen, also manufactured in LP form on “bone white vinyl” by the UK label Cold Spring Records…same label did Veil The World in 2015 as a CD, but it originally existed in 2011 as a limited edition cassette in a box from the Polish labels Kosci Tapes, New Nihilism, and Triangle. Since that edition is now quite a pricey collector’s item – due no doubt to the grisly packaging which included a handful of rusty nails in a wooden box – this latest version is your chance to savour the grim intonations of Thomas Ekelund for yourself, here presented in all his depressive Swedish glory.

Trepaneringsritualen tend to specialise in nasty vocal effects, distorted and diabolical-sounding chants, utterances and threats pouring non-stop through a crack in the earth’s crust like so much Satanic magma. Musically and sonically, the dense surface is mostly atmospheric in nature, full of black fogs, creaking noises, slowly creeping doom in the form of crippled ogres, and a general sense of inescapable evil, but those who enjoy pounding drums and remorseless power electronics will also find moments to satisfy their unholy lust, such as the title track which emerges as a powerful curse against humanity.

In amongst the charnel themes of death and blood and bones, we’re invited to seek “crepuscular ritual moods” continually invoked by Trepaneringsritualen acting as an inverted high priest at this altar of terror. A true classic of this genre. (01/11/2021)