Language Development

Superb acoustic improvised music from the trio Jane In Ether, making their debut recording Spoken / Unspoken (CONFRONT RECORDINGS core 22) under this name. Biliana Voutchkova’s violin and voice join with the prepared piano of Magda Mayas, and the recorders of Miako Klein. I think all three are based in Berlin, where this was recorded, and it’s published under Mark Wastell’s imprint.

Intense, intimate, and detailed small sounds comprise the fabrics of these five pieces, but the players work together with warmth and intuition, and it never sounds cold or brittle. I will single out the recorder-playing (an instrument not often heard in this context) of Klein, as she makes it “speak” like a human voice in a very natural manner, without calling attention to the method. But I will also single out the subdued piano of Mayas with its muffled tones reminding us of her percussionist roots. And of course the restrained violin work of Voutchkova is also integral, but her vocal contributions supply the truly magical moments. Their collective craft is best shown on the two long opening tracks, especially the 18:10 minute title track, where they sustain their conversation with the determination of three philosophers, entering a deep trance of mutual communication. The very album title itself indicates the nature of this communication, a potent combination of things said and things left unsaid.

A rare release that can persuade you of the truly therapeutic value of good improvised music, a means of opening channels which conventional discourse cannot reach. (09/11/2021)