Constellations in Orbit

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 21st October 2022

  1. An Laurence, ‘Artificial Light’
    From Almost Touching, CANADA PEOPLE PLACES RECORDS PPR 033 2 x CD (2022)
  2. Uzu Noir, ‘Jawohl De Sage’
    From Zo!, FINLAND KERAVAN ÄÄNI JA LEVY Sydäriep008 / UZU NOIR UzuEp01 12″ SINGLE (2022)
  3. Otto, ‘Prelude & Allemande’
    From Danses, FRANCE CIRCUM-DISC microcid027 CD (2022)
  4. Jan Steele & Janet Sherbourne, ‘Temporary Farewell’
    From Distant Saxophones, CANADA COMMUNITY LIBRARY CL26 CD (2022)
  5. Architek, ‘When Change Is Bad’
    From 6 Changes, CANADA ARCHITEK PERCUSSION ARC001 CD (2022)
  6. Piotr Peszat, ‘1994 Eurovision: Edyta Gorniak’
    From Music For Culture Wars, POLAND BOLT RECORDS BR 2003 CD (2022)
  7. Marti Epstein, ‘Oil and Sugar’
    From Nebraska Impromptu, USA NEW FOCUS RECORDINGS FCR324 CD (2022)
  8. Mads Emil Nielsen and Chromacolor, ‘Constellation Chromacolor Remix’
    From Constellation, DENMARK ARBITRARY 12 10″ SINGLE (2022)
  9. India Gailey, ‘Orbit’
    Composed by Philip Glass
    From To You Through, CANADA REDSHIFT RECORDS TK511 CD (2022)
  10. Kristine Scholz, ‘Das Buch Der Klänge Number II’
    Composed by Hans Otte
    From Kristine Scholz plays Otte and Cage, SWEDEN THANATOSIS PRODUKTION THT9 CD (2022)
  11. The British Space Group, ‘A Chronal Equinox’
    From The Machinery of the Moment, UK WYRD BRITAIN CDR (2022)