Folk Rock II (TSP radio 06/02/09)

  1. Richard and Linda Thompson, ‘When I Get to the Border’ (1974)
    From I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight (remastered), UK UNIVERSAL ISLAND RECORDS IMCD 304 CD (2004)
  2. The Pentangle, ‘Once I Had A Sweetheart’ (1969)
    From Basket of Light, UK TRANSATLANTIC RECORDS TRS 114 LP
  3. Fairport Convention, ‘Nottamun Town’ (1969)
    From What We did on our Holidays (remastered), UK UNIVERSAL ISLAND RECORDS IMCD 294 CD (2003)
  4. Shirley Collins, ‘Bonny Kate’ (1969)
    From Amaranth, UK EMI HARVEST HERITAGE SHSM 2008 LP (1976)
  5. Ashley Hutchings, ‘The Postman’s Knock’
    From Son of Morris On, UK EMI HARVEST HERITAGE SHSM 2012 LP (1976)
  6. Shirley Collins, ‘The Cherry Tree Carol’ (1964)
    From Folk Roots New Routes, UK TOPIC RECORDS TSCD819 CD (1999)
  7. The Incredible String Band, ‘The Minotaur’s Song’ (1968)
    From The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter, ELEKTRA / ASYLUM RECORDS K 42002 LP
  8. Cob, ‘Martha and Mary’ (1972)
    From Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart, UK SUNBEAM RECORDS SBRCD5029 CD (2006)
  9. Forest, ‘Sylvie (We’d Better Not Pretend)’ (1969)
    From Forest, UK RADIOACTIVE RECORDS RRLP058 LP (2005)
  10. John Renbourn, ‘White Fishes’ (1968)
    From Sir John Alot Of, UK CASTLE MUSIC CMRCD597 CD (2002)
  11. Trees, ‘Polly on the Shore’ (1970)
    From On The Shore, UK DECAL / CHARLY RECORDS LTD LIK 12 LP (1987)
  12. Shirley and Dolly Collins, ‘The Outlandish Knight’ (1970)
    From Love Death and the Lady, UK FLEDG’LING RECORDS FLED 3039 CD (2003)
  13. Sharron Kraus, ‘The Family Tradition’
    From Beautiful Twisted, AUSTRALIA CAMERA OBSCURA CAM050 CD (2002)
  14. Richard Thompson, ‘The Old Changing Way’ (1972)
    From Henry the Human Fly, UK HANNIBAL RECORDS HNBL 4405 LP (1986)
  15. The Pentangle, ‘The Trees they do grow high’ (1968)
    From Sweet Child, UK CASTLE MUSIC CMDDD132 2 x CD (2001)
  16. Sandy Denny and The Strawbs, ‘Sail Away to the Sea’ (1968)
  17. The Incredible String Band, ‘Painting Box’ (1967)
    From The 5000 Spirits or The Layers of the Onion, WEA INTERNATIONAL 7559-60913-2 CD (1992)
  18. Clive Palmer, ‘Winter’s Tale’ (1967)
    From Clive Palmer’s Banjoland, UK SUNBEAM RECORDS SBRCD5004 CD (2005)
  19. Fairport Convention, ‘Flatback Caper’ (1970)
    From Full House, UK UNIVERSAL ISLAND RECORDS IMCD 285 (2001)
  20. Black Flowers, ‘Calvary Cross’
    From I Grew From a Stone to a Statue, UK BO’WEAVIL RECORDINGS WEAVIL 34CD (2008)

First show in this series