Music from Japan IV (TSP radio 27/02/09)

  1. Kousokuya, ‘The Dark Spot’ (1989)
    From 1st, JAPAN PSFD-132 CD (2003)
  2. Altered States, ‘Travis’
    From 6, JAPAN ZENBEI RECORD ZEN-005 CD (1997)
  3. LSD-March, ‘The Lamp – Tomorrow’s Godard’
    From Suddenly, Like Flames, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG 064 CD
  4. Syzygys, ‘Le Fonce (3)’
    From Drive to Heaven, Welcome to Chaos, JAPAN WAVE EVA 2010 CD (1989)
  5. Tairikuotoko vs Sanmyakuonna, ‘Rental Brain’
    From Perfect Hell, JAPAN SSE COMMUNICATION SSE4034CD (1994)
  6. Gasetena, ‘Ballad of post rainfall (live)’
    From Sooner or Later, JAPAN PSFD-17 CD (1991)
  7. Karuna Khyal, ‘Side B’ (fade)
    From Alomoni 1985, UK PARADIGM DISCS PD 08 (1998)
  8. Space Junko, ‘Sokubaku No Jiyuu’
    From Mi Caballito Chulo…! Como Lo Quie Ro…, JAPAN LOS APSON LOS 0001 CD (1994)
  9. Hanatarash and His eYe, ‘Pointless Brosers’
    From USA PUBLIC BATH PB12 7” (1992)
  10. Hose, ‘Parabola Towards Death’
    From Hose, JAPAN UNKNOWNMIX 4 / HEADZ 97 CD (2007)
  11. Ché-SHIZU, ‘Purepada’
    From I Can’t Promise, JAPAN ZERO RECORDS O-1284 LP (1984)
  12. Juke/19, (Tracks 05-11 from CD1) (1980)
    From Juke/19, JAPAN TIME BOMB BOMB CD BOX-45 5 x CD (1996)
  13. Organization, ‘Bull Mark’
    From The Lost Vow, JAPAN K-HIN BROS KBS #501 CD (1991)
  14. Kuniaki Haijima, ‘A’nsoloid 1-2-3-4’
    From Hare Hare Night, JAPAN K-HIN BROS SCCD-5005 CD (1989)
  15. Shinro Ohtake and Yamantaka Eye, ‘Wipe Out Shock Shoppers’
    From Pipeline: 24 Smash Hits by 24 Puzzle Punk Bands, JAPAN UWAJIMA CONTEMPORART ART CD (1995)
  16. Eye and Chew Hasegawa, ‘Nazi Punks Fuck Off’
    From We Are Voice and Rhythm Only, JAPAN OVERSEAS JO96-18 CD (1996)
  17. miroque, ‘Star Shell Star Cloud’
    From Botanical Sunset, JAPAN 360 RECORDS 360r16 CD (2001)
  18. Nord, ‘Caricature’
    From Nord, NORD #1 CD (1981)

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