Atoms of Pure Noise III: Extremely Noise (TSP radio 13/02/09)

  1. The Cherry Point, ‘Fucked in the Guts’ (fade)
    From 2673 / The Cherry Point split, USA KITTY PLAY RECORDS NL4 CDR (2005)
  2. Ectomorti, ‘wwOLVERinepantherrrrrr’
    From Battle of Primordial Energy Manifesting in Matter, USA RESIPISCENT RSPT 018 CD (2006)
  3. Mattin, ‘Desecration of Silence’
    From Proletarian of Noise, JAPAN HIBARI MUSIC hibari-10 CD [2006]
  4. Yellow Swans and Jim Altieri, (Track 3)
    From Drowning Yellow Swans, USA CARBON RECORDS CR116 CDR (2005)
  5. John Wiese, ‘Recorded Hologram’
    From Helicopter 2004 compilation, USA TRONIKS TRO-100 CD (2004)
  6. Hair Police, ‘Untitled’ (Track 2)
    From Drawn Dead, USA HANSON HN124 CD (2005)
  7. Harry Pussy, ‘Zero for Conduct’ (1994)
    From What Was Music?, USA SILTBREEZE #SB60 CD (1996)
  8. Amps for Christ, ‘The Bus Ride’
    From Helicopter 2004 compilation, op cit.
  9. Guilty Connector, ‘Heremsaurus at Ant-Anna’
    From No Noise Compilation, JAPAN EVEN STILTE ES104 CD (2006)
  10. Sissy Spacek, extract from Devil’s Cone and Palm, USA MISANTHROPIC AGENDA MAR015 CD (2006)
  11. Jazkamer, (Track 1)
    From Eat Shit, ASSPISS RECORDS NO NUMBER CD (2007)
  12. The Scientific Explanation of Despair, (Track 2)
    From The Scientific Explanation of Despair / Current Amnesia split, USA KITTY PLAY RECORDS CDR
  13. Yellow Swans, (Track 3)
    From Drill Yellow Swans, USA SNSE CDR (2004)
  14. svstriate, ‘Untitled’ (Track 2)
    From 98-99 Assemblage, USA NO LABEL CDR [1999]

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