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The Unacceptable Face of The Fall (TSP radio show 13/04/07)

Guest co-presenter Harley Richardson

  1. Mark E. Smith, title unknown
    From Pander! Panda! Panzer!, UK ACTION RECORDS TAKE19CD CD (2002)
  2. The Fall, ‘Mollusc in Tyrol’
    From Seminal Live, UK BEGGARS BANQUET BEGA 102 (1989)
  3. ‘Paintwork’
    From This Nation’s Saving Grace, UK BEGGARS BANQUET BEGA 67 LP (1985)
  4. ‘Bonkers in Phoenix’
    From Cerebral Caustic, UK CASTLE MUSIC CMQDD1299 2xCD (Expanded Edition 2006; original release 1995)
  5. ‘Dog is Life / Jerusalem’ (excerpt)
    From I am Kurious Oranj, UK BEGGARS BANQUET BEGA 96 LP (1988)
  6. ‘Hurricane Edward’
    From Levitate, UK ARTFUL RECORDS CD ARTFUL CDX9 2XCD (1997)
  7. ‘Bug Day’
    From The Wonderful and Frightening World of… The Fall, USA PVC RECORDS PVC 8932 LP (1984)
  8. ‘Light / Fireworks’ (excerpt)
    From The Infotainment Scan, UK CASTLE MUSIC CMQDD1227 2xCD (Expanded Edition 2006; original release 1993)
  9. Title unknown
    From Pander! Panda! Panzer!, op cit.
  10. ‘Haf Found Bormann’
    From There’s a Ghost in My House, UK BEGGARS BANQUET BEG 187T 12″ single (1987)
  11. Mark E. Smith, ‘The Horror in Clay’
    From The Post Nearly Man, UK ARTFUL RECORDS ARTFULCD14 CD (1998)
  12. The Fall, ‘Distilled Mug Art’
    From 2G+2, UK ACTION RECORDS TAKE18CD CD (2002)
  13. Mark E. Smith, ‘I’m Bobby pt. 1′ (excerpt)
    From The Post Nearly Man, op cit.
  14. The Fall, ‘Das Boat’ (excerpt)
    From Reformation Post TLC, UK SLOGAN RECORDS SLOCD007 CD (2007)
  15. Mark E. Smith, ‘Lucifer Over Lancashire’ (excerpt)
    From Pander! Panda! Panzer!, op cit.
  16. The Fall, ‘Early Life of Crying Marshall’
    From The Marshall Suite, UK ARTFUL RECORDS ARTFULCD17 CD (1999)
  17. Mark E. Smith, title unknown
    From Pander! Panda! Panzer!, op cit.
  18. The Fall, ‘Papal Visit’ (excerpt)
    From Room to Live, UK COG SINISTER COGVP139CD CD (reissue 2002; original release 1982)
  19. ‘Medical Acceptance Gate’
    From The Collection, EEC CASTLE COMMUNICATIONS CCSCD 365 CD (1993 compilation)
  20. ‘Noel’s Chemical Effluence’
    From The Twenty-Seven Points, UK PERMANENT RECORDS PERM LP 36 2XLP (1995)
  21. ‘Symbol of Mordgan’ (excerpt)
    From Middle Class Revolt, UK PERMANENT RECORDS PERM CD16 CD (1994)

UK Post-Punk 1978-1981 (TSP radio show 02/03/07)

  1. The Delta 5, ‘Mind Your Own Business’ (1980)
    From Rough Trade Shops Post Punk Vol 01, UK MUTE RECORDS CDSTUMM224 2 x CD (2003)
  2. Gang of Four, ‘Anthrax’ (1980)
    From Entertainment!, UK EMI 7243 8 32146 2 4 CD (1995)
  3. Swell Maps, ‘Dresden Style’
    From UK ROUGH TRADE RT012 7″ SINGLE (1978)
  4. LiLiPUT, ‘Ain’t You’ (1978)
    From LiLiPUT, USA KILL ROCK STARS KRS 373 2 x CD (2001)
  5. Fire Engines, ‘Hungry Beat’
    From Lubricate Your Living Room, UK POP:AURAL ACC 001 LP (1980)
  6. “Fatal” Microbes, ‘Violence Grows’
    From Obey The New Wave, unreleased WFMU compilation (2006)
  7. The Flying Lizards, ‘Sex Machine’ (1984)
    From Rough Trade Shops Post Punk Vol 01, op cit.
  8. Nancy Sesay and The Melodaires, ‘C’est Fab’
    From Obey The New Wave, op cit.
  9. LiLiPUT, ‘Madness’ (1978)
    From LiLiPUT, op cit.
  10. The Only Ones, ‘City of Fun’
    From The Only Ones, UK CBS 82830 LP (1980)
  11. Family Fodder, ‘Symbols’
    From Monkey Banana Kitchen, UK FRESH RECORDS FRESH LP 3 (1980)
  12. Magazine, ‘The Light pours out of me’ (1978)
    From Real Life, UK VIRGIN RECORDS OVED 62 LP
  13. Lora Logic, ‘Stop Halt’
  14. Swell Maps, ‘Midget Submarine’
    From A Trip to Marineville, UK ROUGH TRADE ROUGH 2 LP (1979)
  15. Diagram Brothers, ‘Animals’
    From Obey The New Wave, op cit.
  16. The Beach Bullies, ‘Zip Zip’
    From We Rule The Universe, UK MUSCLEBOUND RECORDS MUS 1 LP (1980)
  17. Mo-Dettes, ‘White Mice’ (1980)
    From Rough Trade Shops Post Punk Vol 01, op cit.
  18. Young Marble Giants, ‘The Man Amplifier’
    From Colossal Youth, ROUGH TRADE ROUGH 8 LP (1980)
  19. Gang of Four, ‘I found that essence rare’
    From Entertainment!, op cit.
  20. The Flying Lizards, ‘Her Story’
    From The Flying Lizards, USA VIRGIN RECORDS VA 13137 LP (1979)
  21. Androids of Mu, ‘Bored Housewives’
    From Obey The New Wave, op cit.
  22. Family Fodder, ‘Warm’
    From Greatest Hits, BELGIUM CRAMMED DISCS CRAM 016 LP (1981)
  23. Young Marble Giants, ‘Radio Silents’ (1979)
    From Salad Days, UK VINYL JAPAN ASKCD113 CD (2000)
  24. 11 broadcast badly distorted due to turntable fault.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM

American Guitar Bands of the 1980s (TSP radio show 16/02/07)

  1. Firehose, ‘Time With You’
    From fROMOHIO, USA SST RECORDS SST 235 LP (1989)
  2. Hüsker Dü, ‘No Reservations’
    From Warehouse: Songs and Stories, WARNERS 925 544-1 2 x LP (1987)
  3. Meat Puppets, ‘Blue-Green God’
    From Meat Puppets, USA SST RECORDS SST 009 EP (1982)
  4. Black Flag, ‘Room 13′
    From Everything Went Black, USA SST RECORDS SST 15 LP (1982)
  5. Minutemen:
    a) ‘Anxious Mo-Fo’
    b) ‘Theatre in the Life of You’
    c) ‘Viet Nam’
    d) ‘Cohesion’
    e) ‘It’s Expected I’m Gone’
    From Double Nicklels on the Dime, USA SST RECORDS SST-028 s x LP (1984)
  6. Dinosaur JR, ‘Freak Scene’
    From Bug, UK BLAST FIRST BFFP 31 (1988)
  7. Killdozer, ‘Going to the Beach’
    From Snakeboy, USA TOUCH AND GO T&GLP#6 (1985)
  8. Shockabilly, ‘Psychotic Reaction’
    From The Dawn of Shockabilly, UK ROUGH TRADE RT 120T (1982)
  9. Minuteflag, ‘Fetch The Water’
    From Minuteflag EP, USA SST RECORDS SST 050 12″ (1985)
  10. Flipper, ‘In Life My Friends’
    From Gone Fishin’, USA SUBTERRANEAN RECORDS SUB 42 LP (1982)
  11. Hüsker Dü, ‘Ice Cold Ice’
    From Warehouse, op cit.
  12. Butthole Surfers, ‘American Woman’
    From Rembrandt Pussyhorse, RED RHINO EUROPE RRE LP 2 [1986]
  13. The Meatmen:
    a) ‘One Down Three to go’
    b) ‘I Sin for a Living’
    From We’re the Meatmen and You Suck, GERMANY AGGRESSIVE ROCKPRODUKTIONEN AG 0022 LP [1983]
  14. Firehose:
    a) ‘Under The Influence of Meat Puppets’
    b) ‘It Matters’
    From Ragin’, Full-On, USA SST RECORDS SST 079 LP (1986)
  15. Mission of Burma, ‘Peking Spring’ (1983)
    From The Horrible Truth about Burma, USA RYKO RCD 10341 CD (1997)
  16. Big Stick, ‘Jesus was born on an Indian Reservation’
    From 45 12″, UK BLAST FIRST BFFP 6 12″ (1989)
  17. Minutemen, ‘Joy Jam’
    From The Politics of Time, USA NEW ALLIANCE RECORDS NAR-017 LP (1984)
  18. Meat Puppets, ‘I am a Machine’ (1987)
    From No Strings Attached, USA SST RECORDS SST 265 2 x LP (1990)
  19. Black Flag, ‘No Values’
    From Everything Went Black, op cit.
  20. Flipper, ‘Talk is Cheap’
    From Gone Fishin’, op cit.
  21. Hüsker Dü, ‘Friend You’ve Got to Fall’
    From Warehouse, op cit.
  22. Dinosaur JR, ‘Pond Song’
    From Bug, op cit.
  23. Shockabilly, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’
    From The Dawn of Shockabilly, op cit.
  24. Minutemen:
    a) ‘Corona’
    b) ‘The Glory of Man’
    c) ‘Take 5, D.’
    d) ‘My Heart and the Real World’
    e) ‘History Lesson – Part II’
    From Double Nickels on the Dime, op cit.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM

Dead Letter Office (TSP radio show 02/09/05)

Obscure independent classics that should have changed the world

Compiled and co-presented by Lawrence Burton

  1. Pre-War Busconductors, ‘P.W.B. Photograph’
    From P.W.B. Photograph / White Radiator, UK BUSCONDUCTOR RECORDS PWB3 C15 cassette (1982)
  2. Mandible Rumpus, ‘Laugh’
    From A Sudden Surge of Power, UK CAUSE FOR CONCERN TAPES CFC009 cassette (1982)
  3. The Apostles, ‘Thalidomide’
    From 2nd Dark Age Demo, UK CAUSE FOR CONCERN TAPES CCFC005 cassette (1982)
  4. Third Door From The Left, ‘It’s Not Us’
    From Face The Firing Squad, UK CAUSE FOR CONCERN TAPES CFC017 cassette (1982)
  5. Mex, ‘Simplicity’
    From Moraals, UK DO EASY 2 x C90 cassette (1985)
  6. Nervous Legion, ‘Terrorist’
    From Paranoia is Awareness, UK CAUSE FOR CONCERN TAPES CFC001 cassette (1982)
  7. G. M. Wallis, ‘Veer’
    From G.M. Wallis, UK FLOWMOTION RECORDS C60 cassette (1980)
  8. Exhibit A, ‘Rain’
    From The Thing From The Crypt, UK THE THING FROM THE CRYPT RECORDS TTFTC001 LP (1981)
  9. Soft Drinks, ‘Pepsi Cola’
    From The Thing From The Crypt, op cit.
  10. Thomas Frenzi, ‘Song of the Snake’
    From From the Mind Of Frenzi, unreleased 2 x C60 cassette (1986)
  11. We Be Echo, ‘The Witches Burn’
    From Various Obscure Recordings, unreleased C60 cassette (1985)
  12. Thee Unkommuniti, ‘Winterkill’
    From Moraals, op cit.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM

The Fall (TSP radio show 11/06/04)

Theme: ‘Mark E Smith and The Fall’: compiled by guest presenter Harley Richardson

  1. The Fall, ‘Guest Informant’
  2. The Fall, ‘Susan vs Youthclub’
  3. The Fall, ’4 1/2 Inch’
  4. Edwyn Collins (feat Mark E Smith), ‘Seventies Night’
    From The Fall – A World Bewitched, UNITED KINGDOM ARTFUL RECORDS ARTFULCD35 CD (2001)
  5. The Fall, ‘Serum’
    From The Unutterable, GERMANY EAGLE RECORDS EAGCD164 CD (2000)
  6. Covers and quotations medley

  7. The Monks, ‘Boys are Boys And Girls Are Choice ‘
    …provides tune for…
    The Fall, ‘Container Drivers’
  8. The Monks, ‘Shut up!’ / The Fall, ‘Shut up!’
  9. ‘Are You Being Served’ theme tune
    …provides keyboard melody for…
    The Fall, ‘Shoulder Pads pt 1′
  10. Lee Perry, ‘Kimble’ / The Fall, ‘Kimble’
  11. Spinal Tap, ‘Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight’
    …provides bass line for…
    The Fall, ‘Athlete Cured ‘
  12. Steve Bent, ‘I’m Going to Spain’ / The Fall, ‘I’m Going to Spain’
  13. The Mirror, ‘Faster than Light’
    …provides call and response for…
    The Fall, ‘In these times’
  14. Earth Wind and Fire, ‘Fantasy’
    …provides vocal melody for…
    The Fall, ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’
  15. Lou Reed, ‘Kill Your Sons’
    …adapted as…
    The Fall, ‘Ketamine Sons’
  16. Arthur Anderson, ‘Every day you have to cry some’
    …provides central lyric for…
    The Fall, ‘To Nkroachment Yarbles’
  17. Gary Glitter, ‘Rock n Roll pt 1′
    …provides guitar riff for…
    The Fall, ‘Big New Prinz’
  18. The Fall, ‘Middle Class Revolt live’
    …takes drum break from…
    Lipps Inc, ‘Funky Town’
    …provides tune for…
    The Fall, ‘Gut of the Quantifier’
    …allegedly provides call and response for…
    Spice Girls, ‘Spice Up Your Life’
  19. End of medley

  20. Harley Richardson, ‘Ho(E)uston’ mix combining:-
    a) Dean Martin, ‘Houston’
    b) The Fall, ‘Loop 41 ‘Houston’
  21. Harley Richardson, ‘You Pep!’
  22. The Fall, ‘Last Commands of Xyralothep via M.E.S.’
    From The Real New Fall LP formerly Country on the Click, UNITED KINGDOM ACTION RECORDS TAKE21CD CD (2003)
  23. The Fall, ‘Ol’ Gang’
    From Live at the LA2, 12th August 1998, cassette issued by the Fall fan club (c 1999)
  24. The Fall, ‘Ol’ Gang’
    From Levitate, op cit.
  25. The Fall, ‘(We Wish You) A Protein Christmas’
  26. The Fall, ‘Sons of Temperance’
    From The Unutterable, op cit.
  27. The Fall, ‘Bourgeois Town’
    From Are You Are Missing Winner, UNITED KINGDOM COG SINISTER COGVP131CD CD (2001)
  28. The Fall, ‘Mike’s Love Xexagon’
    From The Real New Fall LP formerly Country on the Click, op cit.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM